About, fix radio

You do not know fix smash radio? In general, about this problem you read in this article.
For sure my advice you may seem unusual, however still sense wonder: whether fix your radio? may more rational will buy new? I personally think, sense though learn, how is a new radio. For it possible talk with consultant profile shop or just make appropriate inquiry finder.
The first step sense search master by repair radio. This can be done using any finder or corresponding forum. If price repair you want - consider problem possession. If no - then you will be forced to solve this question their forces.
So, if you all the same decided their forces repair, then first necessary learn how practice repair radio. For it sense use yandex, or look issues magazines type "Junior technician".
I hope this article least little helped you fix radio. In the next article I will tell how fix cast-iron pipe or mdf.
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